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Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Erin combines her learning and techniques to provide you with the best treatment tailored just for you. All techniques except Raindrop Aromatherapy can be, and generally are, combined. Let Erin know if you especially want - or don't want one of them. All prices are as follows with the exceptions of Raindrop Aromatherapy and stand-alone reflexology treatments:     

30 minutes/$55      60 minutes/$85     90 minutes/$115    

Therapeutic Massage:
Based on Swedish and orthopedic massage, it is tailored to suit your needs and preferences. A variety of techniques will be integrated into your session.                                       

 Clinical Sports:
Addresses injury-specific problems which may or may not be sport related. Helps prevent injury and reduces recovery time. Note: Massage therapists do not diagnose conditions, prescribe treatment, or provide a prognosis.               

The application of pressure to the hands and feet using touch reduces stress and promotes wellness.  A soothing foot bath and warm paraffin for the hands may be incorporated.
                 30 minutes/$55      60 minutes/$85   plus tax

Raindrop Aromatherapy:
Essential oils are applied to the feet and sprinkled along the spine, then kneaded into the muscles. The healing properties of the oils soak into the body as well as being inhaled.
     90 minutes/$130

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage:

Gently warmed and pleasantly cooled stones help relax muscles, soothe away aches and lend to deep relaxation. Similar to traditional stone massage with all the perks, but instead of basalt or jade, the stones are carved from Himalayan salt. Clients get the benefit of the minerals in the stones plus due to the easy set-up and maintenance, there is   NO EXTRA CHARGE!            

Sport event massage: helps athletes warm-up before events and speeds recovery time afterwards by flushing wastes from muscles and stretching to improve mobility.

     2 hour minimum - call for pricing

Chair Massage: is done on-site with client fully clothed. A 10-15 minute massage improves energy and reduces stress. Great idea for Appreciation Days, celebrations, Wellness Fairs, or to give your workers a boost.
     2 hour minimum - call for pricing


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